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Non-Anaesthetic Teeth Cleaning

Does your dog have bad breath?

Bad breath is the outcome of a build up of smell producing bacteria in the dog's mouth. We scale every tooth to remove all calculus build up with NO anaesthesia or sedation.

Regular oral care for dogs is as important as for humans. Keep clean, have happy and healthy dogs!

Free Consultation

Hand Scaling


Anti-Bacterial Gum Conditioner

Home Care Instructions (upon request)





$170 - $220

based on the condition of your dog's mouth and their behaviour.


Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between your service and anaesthetic cleaning at a veterinary clinic?

  We only work on dogs who have healthy mouths.We will hand scale all surfaces and the gum line of every tooth to remove build-up. Teeth will be polished afterwards to create a smooth surface. 

We do NOT :

• use anaesthesia or sedation.

• medically diagnose.

• prescribe any veterinary treatment.

• work under the gum line, deep pocket, or with teeth that are loose or need to be extracted.

Q. How do you keep dogs calm?

  Dogs respond to calm energy accordingly. First of all, we gently talk and pat your dog to gain their trust. We usually swaddle them in a towel to make them feel calm and secure. Most dogs calm down in about 5 minutes. 

  If we think it will be too stressful for your dog or it seems unsafe to handle them, we will not continue the cleaning. If they experiences pain during the cleaning, it is likely there are underlying health issues. We will stop the cleaning and recommend you see your veterinarian.

Q. Are all dogs eligible?

No. We will NOT do dogs with :

• aggression.

• high stress or anxiety.

• severe periodontal disease.

• collapsed trachea, pancreatitis, diabetes.

​● heart disease, heart murmur, cancer, recent surgical recovery 


Q. How long does it take?

  Usually about 1 hour, but depending on the condition of your dog’s mouth and their behaviour.

Q. What kind of tools do you use?

  We use professional dental scalers. All tools are disinfected and sterilized for each dog.

  This service is for maintenance and prevention.

It is not the same as a veterinary dental treatment.

 For a medical diagnosis, you will need to consult your veterinarian. We recommend that all clients have an annual dental check up with your veterinarian.

 * Sorry, we are not taking new teeth cleaning clients now.

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